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Helge Schneider bei Railroad Tracks

Alle Neuigkeiten zu Helge Schneider bei Railroad Tracks
January 25, 2023

»Lebensgeschichte« Vinyl

Die Musik-Fachzeitschrift 'Sound & Recording' zu Besuch bei Railroad Tracks
May 5, 2021

Direct Metal Mastering – TELDEC Booklet

Original Teldec DMM booklet / 1982
August 5, 2020

Direct Metal Mastering vs. Laquer Cutting

For all those for whom vinyl at home does not belong on the kitchen floor but in the record cabinet, here is a little pan from over 40 years of experience in vinyl production.
April 10, 2020

Olaf Wollschläger

an AMYGA Interview
February 20, 2018

Railroad Tracks on

about the production of vinyl records.
January 1, 2015